Where's My Shoggoth?

A book by Ian Thomas and Adam Bolton.

An affectionate homage to the works of H P Lovecraft, intended for kids and mythos-lovers of all ages.



“It really doesn’t matter if you have kids or not, Where’s My Shoggoth is one of those books you can’t help but enjoy. There is a joyful glee that oozes from every page. Bolton and Thomas remind us that sometimes you can find all kinds of fun in the creepy corners of our world. Simply put, Where’s My Shoggoth is a book you can’t miss.”

10/10 – Newsarama

“…just right to snuggle up with your budding young mythos investigator on a dark and stormy night.”


“…a pre-Halloween treat for horror fans no matter what their ages, and perfect for the Lovecraft lover in your life.”

Ain’t It Cool News

“…a dark-yet-funny blend of Shel Silverstein, Tim Burton, and Dr. Seuss… Gorgeous use of colors and design… a delightful read for all ages.”

Bleeding Cool

“Speaking of Shoggi, ‘Where’s My Shoggoth’ from @add_m, @wildwinter and @archaia is really fabulous. Great work, all!…It’s hilarious and hideous and gorgeous, all at once! I loved it. Such great stuff.”

John Kovalic (illustrator of Munchkin, creator of Dork Tower)

“My 7[-year-old] daughter says ‘It’s a good book and I really like the pictures. The monsters are cool. It’s a really, really good book. It’s not scary.’”

Is It Right For Kids?

“It’s a book you’ll happily put on your child’s shelf alongside Winnie the Pooh, Dr. Seuss and anything Sandra Boykin writes. This is a book that would make Maurice Sendak and Shel Silverstein proud.”

Long Island Web Art

“I got for my 3 yr old niece. At her birthday party she told her mom that Cthulhu lives under the sea.”

T.J. Hamilton, Twitter

“This glow-in-the-dark stocking filler draws its inspiration from the works of HP Lovecraft, and treats that elderly (and difficult to get into) work with a joy-filled heart and a tongue rammed firmly into its cheek… This is a firmly recommended gift for anyone in life who has a taste for the bizarre, or if you fancy a pretty-looking and personality-filled book to show off to your friends.”

Starburst Magazine

“Where’s My Shoggoth is delightfully demented, leading the reader from one Cthulhuverse creature to the next with a casual and carefree rhyme… The art by Adam Bolton is wonderfully intricate. Each page deserves the reader’s full attention. Multiple re-reads are rewarded with minute details.”

Stumptown Trade Review

“Where’s My Shoggoth is a brilliant mix of Dr. Seuss style rhyme and rhythm, classic ‘searching for my mommy/pet/friend’ story line and H.P. Lovecraft demons… In all aspects, this is a fantastic book for the kids who enjoy a little scare and of course just in time for Halloween!”

Nerds in Babeland

“Bolton’s illustrations are dark, elaborate, and striking…This delicate balance between a children’s story and monster story is what makes it an enjoyable book for kids and adults. Where’s My Shoggoth? would fit nicely on anyone’s bookshelf.”

Panels On Pages

“…finds that sweet spot of genuinely spooky but not scary enough to keep your kids awake all night. Filled with all the strange and mighty creatures of H.P. Lovecraft lore, Where’s My Shoggoth? reads like the Necronomicon rewritten with a Dr. Seuss flare for rhyme and whimsy.”

Geeks of Doom

“Most Cthulhu mythos books presented as works for children are actually novelties for adults… [Thomas and Bolton] have actually done it; they have crafted a book that is wonderfully satisfying for the adult fan of Cthulhu mythos art and still could be enjoyed by a young person sophisticated enough to have heard of Lovecraft’s monsters… Where’s My Shoggoth? is a brilliant success. Bravo and encore.”

5/5 – Matthew T. Carpenter, Amazon.com Review

“A story meant for children, it’s twisted, beyond twisted. At the same time, I can’t wait to have a kid to read this to. It’s cute, fun, funny and enjoyable for all. Hopefully it doesn’t cause nightmares in your children. For folks who like twisted tales and want something a bit different than the normal children’s books to read, this is a must buy.”

9/10 – Graphic Policy

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Here's a free audiobook with soundeffects and music, narrated by Amelia Tyler (Baldur's Gate 3, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Pathfinder: Kingmaker).

The Dungeon

Here's a free interactive audio adventure set in the world of Where's My Shoggoth? for you to play in your browser. It has full soundeffects, is narrated by Amelia Tyler and written by Ian Thomas.

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© 2012 Ian Thomas and Adam Bolton.